Mar 5, 2010

Virtual Impressions Daphne Nails

Dear Friends

Announcing the first of a new line at Virtual Impressions. Daphne, Nails with Dress Ring.

A little while in developement this new item should complement Virtual Impressions Jewelry Range.

Daphne is a Frosted Nail polish in 6 shade options, Deep Pink, Deep Red, Pale Pink, Red, Peach and Purple. The decoration is in tiny pear and brilliant gems with attached Flower and Heart Dress Ring.

The nails are designed to fit hand size 20, but will re-size well between 15-30.
Other sizes are possible with the re-size script, but only an expert in fitting should try to edit larger than 30.
A Re-size script is included which may be deleted after the desired result is achieved.

Also included in the box is an optional hand animation ao. Most aos are designed to keep the hands in a relaxed position to keeping nails and ring looking perfect. But if you find the nails leaving the hands, you should wear the nails ao to correct this problem.

A free demo version of the right hand, complete with re-size script is there to try before you buy and the ao is included within the nails.

Standard singles price is L$299 each and Fat Pack of 6 is only L$880.

A group offer is on the Deep Red Frost for only L$199 , and the Fat Pack of 6 for only L$600. so only L$100 each .

Find the group vendors inside the door on the right and the other shades on the latest jewelry designs wall or in the nails area of the jewelry department.

If you like this new item, I will certainly be making more designs, I welcome your feedback.

See Shades Below

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