Feb 15, 2010

Bliss Couture Aziza Gown

A ray of of light, colour and charm for the New Bliss Couture full-length gown which is already a must, a dress for starry galas and fashion lovers.
This new release plays with intricate lace and is a full-on, romantic, ravishing display of what Miss Amutey DeCuis does so well, stunningly beautiful, feminine evening couture pieces.

Precious details in the mermaid skirt made of a high detailed lace and ending with the sensual soft devoré attachment in a different colour, matching with the neckline ruffles and the tight and top bodice's particulars.

A new creation that will never stop surprising for the sense of feminine style and fashion, and made to give the superstar glam.

The Aziza Gown is avaliable in many amazing colours at Bliss Couture Main Shop, come admire them!

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