Jan 10, 2010

Miss Bliss Couture 2010 Final Event Video

Thank you to Miss Sophia Yates for the wonderful video of the Miss Bliss Couture 2010 Final Event at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium , held on Sunday January the 9th at 11am

Winner: Melanie Sautereau
2nd Mimmi Boa
3rd Anastacia Markova
4th Chirzaka Vlodovic
5th Sabine Blackburn


Mr Frolic Mills, CEO of BOSL & CO
Miss Breezie Noel, Managing Editor of BOSL Magazine
Mr edo Tone, Owner of Styles of edo
Miss Mui Mukerji, SL Supermodel and Style Consultant

Hosted by

Caymon Zhora, Bliss Couture General Manager
Ansleigh Beverly, Manager of Wilder Public Relations


DJ Azufr3 Catteneo


Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc™

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