Dec 22, 2009

Bliss Couture for the !"So 2010"! Secret 50L sale

Bliss Couture is proud to be one of the designers of the !"So 2010"! Secret 50L sale.
!So 2010! isnt a hunt or 50L sale its a tribute to all the 35 SL designers who decided to be part of this event by coming together and celebrating the entrance to the next decade of 21th century and treat their costumers with their store inventory random pieces scattered around the store for 50L which You have to find Yourself.
The Event will be on until december the 27th so you have 6 days left to find the great items on sale for only 50L at the Bliss Couture main shop and at the many fantastic shops partecipating all around the grid.

You can find the details of the !"So 2010"! Secret 50L sale here

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