Jul 31, 2009

Bliss Couture 10,000 Members Appreciation Sale Will Extend for 3 more days!

Dear Dollys
Thank you for all the Lovely IMs/Thank you Notecard and LOVE!! I've got a plently of Ims requesting me to Extend my sale, sooo......The 70% Off Member Appreciation Sale will Extend for 3 days (FINAL!!)
I've made a Spring Color Collection for our Fav Lovena Gown (70% OFF)

I've prepared 3 gifts for you thru out the week
(NEW)!!! (In order to acquire the gift one must wear the Bliss Couture group tag and click buy on the gift for $1L.)
Luv ya All! Thank you for all the love and support, I can feel them and you gals made me feel like the LUCKIEST GIRL in SL!! Thank you AGAIN!

Amutey Decuir

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