Jun 3, 2009

Vinilli dress

Vinilli Ad (Blue)
Rumbaaaa!!! This festive gown will instantly put you in a mood for some sexy salsa dancing or a firery tango. The top is strapless and shows off your sexy midrif and has a flirty little ruffle right under your bustline. A flowing ruffled skirt with a raised hem in the front is the perfect mate for this gorgeous gown. With layers of satin material overlapping the other, this gown will catch the light and everyones attention while you dance the night away. The Vinilli Gown comes in several beautiful colors which include....black, blue, green, purple, silver, teal, and maroon.
Vinilli Ad (Silver) Vinilli Ad (Purple) Vinilli Ad (Original) Vinilli Ad (Maroon) Vinilli Ad (Green)

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