Feb 3, 2009

Wendy Gown

A simple and elegant full length shiny taffeta gown with a unique sideless halter top. The bodice of the gown comprises of a high bodice wrapped about the waist finishing just below the bust, with two pieces of fabric flowing from the bodice up over the chest, forming a halter top. The two ends of the fabric forming the halter top finish in a knot and the two flexible ends extend down the back, flowing behind when the wearer moves. Pinned at the join of the halter and the bodice is a beautiful embroidered medallion. The full skirt almost emanates the sounds of rustling fabric as you move.

This wonderful gown comes in six rainbow colours, the colours are Purple, Red, Gold, Green, Fuchsia and midnight blue.

Purple * Red

Gold * Green

Fuchsia * Midnight Blue

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