Feb 18, 2009

Serena Gown

A sultry, daring floor length, halterneck gown. The stunning and revealing bodice of the gown consists of a strip of fabric trailing sensually over the bust, leaving windows of skin on the sides accentuating the wearers hourglass figure and in the centre of the chest showing the shape of the bust. As the fabric of the bodice crosses on the breast bone and wraps up and around the neck it flows beautifully into the long flowing silk ties which are pinned together with a simple flower. The bodice flows down and joins the skirt at the hips tightly fitting over the hips where it becomes the floor length, full circle flexible skirt. The fabric of the gown incorporates contrasting and self-coloured flowers, scallop motifs and graphical swirls. The entire gown is edged in a contrasting silk ribbon, defining the shape of the gown beautifully.

This dazzling gown comes in seven wonderfully bright colours, these are Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Rust.
Blue * Gold
Green * Pink
Purple * Red

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Aker said...

Hi, I'm really sorry if this is not the case, but are the dresses in your pictures for the sims or are they designs you made represented through CGI or something?

I ask because the models faces remind me an awful lot of the faces of the designs people used to make for the original maxis sims game.

Pardon me if there was something, somewhere on your blog, that did state this or not, I probably just didn't look hard enough (I haven't done much more than glance through the pictures and their descriptions, but I couldn't see anything on the side that described the blog itself).