Feb 3, 2009

* Rock Chick * Sammi Dress

A cool, chick, mini dress with flexible bow and leggings. The mini dress has an A symmetrical neckline with a single strap flowing up and over the left shoulder of the wearer. the tight fitting mini is edged on the bottom with a ribbed fabric band. There is a low slung, bejewelled silver and black belt wrapped around the hips,which is finished with a tiered flexible bow at the back. this bow creates a bustle effect to the back of the mini dress. The mini dress is accessorised with a pair of black leggings giving the outfit a more casual appearance.

The mini dress comes in six metallic tones, these are Gold, Green, Pink, Silver, Blue and the original lemon tone.

Gold * Green * Pink
Silver * Blue * Original Lemon

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