Feb 4, 2009

Lydia Gown

A smart yet sexy victorian inspired full length gown. The high bodice of the gown comes with an elegant, detachable neck frill. The sleeveless bodice comprises of a delicate and detailed lace panel laid a top a matching colour chiffon bodice. The lace of the bodice flows seamlessly down onto the hips and skirt of the gown where it is finished with a highly detailed scalloped edge. The full length skirt of this gown is very sleek sitting close on the hips and flaring gently as it reaches the floor. The skirt also comes complete with a mid length layered train. Both the train and the skirt are edged in a narrow lace band to match the ornate bodice.

This period inspired gown comes in six colours, these are Turquoise, Red, Gold, Blue, Silver/Black and Violet.

Turquoise * Red
Blue * Silver/Black

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