Jan 14, 2009

Snow Queen Gown

A gown for royalty.

This rich, feminine gown has a sheer bodice which has two revealing open panels on either side of the waist highlighting the hourglass in every figure and comes with a contrasting fur collar. The gown has full length sheer sleeves edged with an elegant fur trim matching the collar trim. The bodice and sleeves are embellished with a snow flake appliqué pattern, on the Pink and Blue gowns this pattern is in white. on the Green gown the appliqué pattern is in Black. The bodice ends in a V-shape waistband when it joins the skirt and has a short, full pleated flounce around the waist covered with a sheer organza and embroidered with snowflakes. The soft flowing skirt echoes the flounce with sheer organza and snowflake embroidery. The two layers of the flowing skirt are faded from white to the gown colour on the Pink and Blue colourways and they are faded from Black on the Green colourway gown. The triple layered cathedral length train is covered with the matching snowflake appliqué. The light organza fabric of the layers of the skirt make this dress simply magical when you both move and dance, perfect for the winter season.

As mentioned the gown comes in three colourways, these are Pink, Blue and Green.


This gown is also available in a completely white colourway. this gown has a silver jewelled snowflake appliqué, which continues onto the V-shape waistband of the skirt. Instead of a fur trim on the full length sleeves, this gown has flared flexi sleeves.

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