Jan 13, 2009

Peyton Gown

An extremely sensational gown of shimmering satin with an A-Line one shouldered, single strap over the right shoulder. the gown is adorned with an oriental inspired floral pattern appliqué. The entire bodice is trimmed with a contrasting satin ribbon. The appliqué pattern flows down the front of the bodice and crosses to the opposite side flowing all the way down the gown to the knee. The left side of the gown is open with a single satin ribbon wrapping around at the hip. The back of the gown mirrors the front with the appliqué pattern flowing from the shoulder to mid back. A mermaid styled tightly pleated, layered skirt is finished in a light satin ribbon and is embellished with the same matching floral appliqué. Matching full length gloves are trimmed at the top with matching contrasting satin ribbon and the repeat of the same floral appliqué as featured on the body of the gown.

The wonderful colours that this dress is available in are White, Green, Black, Purple, Turquoise and Red.

Green * Black.
Purple * Turquoise.

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